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Your Domain Name is Your Image to the World!

SMiBiz.Net offers domain name registration, search, renew and transfer services for business domains. Check the availability of your favorite domain name.


Domain Name

This is the name that identifies an Web site. For example, "" is the domain name of Microsoft's Web site. A single Web server can serve Web sites for multiple domain names, but a single domain name can point to only one machine. For example, Apple Computer has Web sites at,, and Each of these sites could be served on different machines.

A domain name is much like a trademark or a license. It allows people to find a web site by name instead of by number (IP address), thus providing the web site a more professional look. Plus, domain names are like fingerprints-there can only be one of any domain name in the world. If "" is already registered by another company, then you must find a name that is not yet registered. Domain names can be 67 characters long in total. The length includes the ".com" at the end but does not include the "http://www" at the beginning.

Start here to find unique, easy-to-remember domain names for Web sites and for personalized email. Our domain name price is from RM55/per year onwards. Order Now!


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